Fallon Glick at EmpowHer event 3-15-19

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- WDRB News' very own Fallon Glick got to share her own life experiences with girls at a Louisville middle school on Friday. 

"I just see so much potential and strength in all of you, and it's really a blessing to be here," she told them.

Glick got to take part in the EmpowHer event at T.J. Middle School.

Every girl had a mirror in hand, but it was not a beauty event. Women from all walks of life were brought in to talk to the young students.

They shared how they saw themselves in middle school and how they see themselves today.

"It's all-empowering our young ladies so they can empower others," said Melissa Cheatham, a counselor at the school. "You know middle school is really tough sometimes. Our girls can be really tough on themselves and each other, and today's event was just about getting community members in here, helping to lift them up, lift each other up to have a more positive culture here."

Lt. Gov. Jenean Hampton also made a presentation Friday morning. She is the first African-American woman elected to statewide office in Kentucky.

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