LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A touring taco and margarita festival left customers salty all across the country. Now the same promoter is bringing the event to Louisville.

Complaints of long lines and not enough food follow the Taco & Margarita Festival, promoted by Adam Dobres and his Arizona based company AZ Food Festivals.

“It definitely isn't what was promised,” Jessica Furco explained to WDRB News after attending an AZ Foods event in Buffalo over Labor Day weekend. “I hope that he’s stopped from doing this in the future because it’s not okay to do that to people.”

While the company's website boasts 150,000 patrons participating in the food and beverage experience in North America since 2018, customer complaints have been reported recently from Buffalo to Pittsburgh, and Des Moines to Fargo. The event was so troubled in North Dakota it prompted an investigation by the state's attorney general.

A Taco & Margarita Festival, being promoted by the same group, is scheduled to take place at Lynn Family Stadium in Louisville on Oct. 2. But stadium operator ASM Global says it's taking the helm here, booking vendors, hiring bands and primarily using AZ Foods for marketing.

“We are going to have an event that meets our standards," ASM Global Director of Marketing Sandra Moran said. “After speaking with AZ Foods, they realized that was their biggest mistake in all of their festivals that didn't go as planned. They'd hired a secondary promoter and they have only decided to work with venues where they can work with the local staff.”

While Louisville presses forward with the festival, AZ Food events have been recently canceled across the country in states like Oklahoma, Texas and Oregon. In local reports, venue operators cited concerns with the company’s execution of the event in other places and slow ticket sales.

Moran said she expects at least 3,000 people to attend the food festival in Louisville. It will be the first major non-soccer related event at Lynn Family Stadium.

“We are going to bring in I Love Tacos and Four Pegs BBQ," Moran explained. "We are going to be converting our Lynn Family Stadium concession stands into taco stands and we are also going to be using our bars to serve a variety of margaritas. We're going to have a mimosa bar, a full service bar with beer and wine and cocktails."

It sounds like the event Furco wishes she'd attended in Buffalo, but now she’s warning other cities to proceed with caution.

“I would say if you don’t already have ticket, don’t bother and if you do … bring your own toppings,” she said.

Promoter Adam Dobres declined an on-camera interview with WDRB News for this report.

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