KSP weapons expert testifies in trial of 3 men accused of gunning down toddler in 2014

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- After eight hours of deliberation, a jury convicted three men of killing a 16-month-old toddler.

The jury found William McLemore, Duwan Mason and Demarkus Tramber guilty of shooting and killing 16-month-old Ne'Riah Miller on the front porch of her home on 37th Street in the Shawnee neighborhood in August of 2014.

All three men were convicted of wanton murder, first degree assault, and four counts wanton endangerment.

Michael Dunn Jr. and Trey Anderson were also charged, but both took plea deals in exchange for their testimony. 

In closing arguments Tuesday afternoon, the defense focused on discrediting that testimony. They told the jury that identification on the shooters is not credible.

"This case doesn't make sense, " said J. Clark Baird, Tramber's attorney. "Reasonable doubt is all you have to have. This case doesn't make sense, so you ladies and gentlemen of the jury have to acquit."

The prosecution, on the other hand, said the killer knew what they were doing and had a motive.

"This was a planned sort of thing," said Ryane Conroy, the prosecutor in the case. "Whoever did the shooting had a reason for it. This is not a random crime."

"They took her life. They should have to pay with part of theirs."

The judge was very clear during his jury instructions that jurors must put their emotions aside when deciding a verdict.

"What is absolutely necessary to a fair trial is that you not allow that emotional reaction to interfere with your judgement," Judge McKay Chauvin said. "That you set those emotions aside, and judge this case solely on the facts and the application of law to those facts."

Sentencing is expected to be held Wednesday afternoon.

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