LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The families of two children who were shot and killed gathered Sunday to remember their loved ones and receive some special gifts.

Dozens of people gather at Truth Event Hall in Shively to reflect on the loss of loved ones, as Louisville is on pace to set a record for gun violence this year.

 Bereaved Mother's Day was created in 2010 to celebrate mothers who have lost a child.

The family members of three-year-old Trinity Randolph and nine-year-old Lerea Hall received paintings of the girls who died from gun violence.

Nicole Cowherd, who helped organize the event, also lost her son from a shooting.

"I didn't only do it for bereaved mothers of homicide victims, I did it for all walks of life," Cowherd said. "Whether their children were sick, a car crash, anything, if they lost a child, they are a bereaved mother and we just took it and we ran with that."

Some attendees wore t-shirts displaying photos of those who died.

LMPD reports a total of 58 homicides so far in 2021, according to Christopher 2X, a community activists who runs the nonprofit Christopher 2X Game Changers.

"We have a public health crisis because of gun violence," 2X said. "What is behind these numbers are scores of families and children who are traumatized and suffering. Their lives will never be the same because of senseless gun violence." 

April was the 15th straight month of double-digit homicides in Louisville.

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