3 Day Remodeling

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Earlier this week, Shana Morales told WDRB News about plans for upgrades around her house dashed by 3 Day Remodeling.

She wanted two bathrooms and her kitchen remodeled, a $22,000 job. But it was never completed or refunded.

When her story published Tuesday, it connected with viewers. Call after call started coming into the WDRB newsroom.

"I paid them $5,000 to remodel my bathroom," one caller said.

"They came in and did a demolition in our home," another caller said. "So, for the past three months, we've lived in a RV."

That caller now is looking for legal representation from Brad Zoppoth, who said he represents several people scammed by 3 Day Remodeling's owners, Aaron Goff and Andrew Riddle.

"The court has entered judgement in two out of the three lawsuits I have," Zoppoth said.

One was for $60,000, the other $20,000. Still, he said the company has not paid. Zoppoth is now looking into further options.

"They're trying to hide behind the business, so we're trying to go over them personally now," he said.

Goff answered the phone Friday after repeated attempts to reach him. He claims he's trying to run an honest business and blames WDRB News for making him look bad.

Morales did actually get a call back from Goff after that first story earlier this week. She said he promised a refund, but she's skeptical it will go anywhere.

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