LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Police say a disagreement over a gift card led a Louisville man tried to kill two Dollar General store clerks, firing more than a dozen rounds at them and the store.

It's a case that caused Assistant County Attorney Kristin Southard to express astonishment during a Thursday morning court hearing. "The facts and circumstances as alleged here are quite shocking to say the least," she said.

According to court documents, the incident took place Nov. 28 just after 2 p.m. at the Dollar General at the intersection of West Oak Street, near South 4th Street. 

Police say 23-year-old Justice Hall got into an argument with a store clerk over an Uber card he said wasn't working. When the clerk told him she needed the receipt, he said he'd already gotten rid of it.

At that point, police say Hall got angry and told her "I got something for you," before he an an accomplice left the store. 

According to court documents, they went home and got two 9mm handguns and returned within six minutes. Police say they then opened fire on the two female store clerks who were standing outside the store.

"Both clerks had to run and duck for cover," the arrest report states. "One of the victims had to duck behind a concrete pillar in which projectiles were striking all around her. This victim also was injured due to the glass breaking from the gunfire right next to her."

Police say several of the rounds narrowly missed the women and went into the store.

The entire incident was captured on video, according to court documents.

When confronted, Hall allegedly admitted to threatening the clerk and firing 13 shots at the women.

He's charged with two counts of attempted murder. In court Thursday morning, a $500,000 bond was set. If he posts that, he'll be placed on home incarceration. He has also been ordered to stay away from the store.

The identity and status of his accomplice was not released. 

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