Tonight you should be able to see a train of Starlink satellites in the night sky over our area. 

Starlink is a network of satellites produced by SpaceX, who hopes to have more than 12,000 satellites in the network in the future. When they are visible as they pass over our heads, it's a fascinating sight to see. They appear as several bright dots all in a line, so it's very easy to distinguish them from other objects in the night sky.

Tonight you will have a chance to see a train of Starlink satellites fly over our area. Since SpaceX is a private company, they don't distribute the exact time and location the satellites will pass like NASA does with the International Space Station.  Most reliable sources pinpoint a pass in our area around 9:00-9:05 PM, but one source showed it may be as late as 9:20-9:25 PM. The good news is the sky will be dark enough to see these well.  

They should appear in the southwestern sky and travel toward the east where we will lose sight of them. Remember the sun sets in the west, so that can help you find the right direction to look. 

If you see them and take a picture, please send that to us on social media so we can share this sight with everyone! You can find me on social media using the links at the top of this page.