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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Thanksgiving is not the time to call a plumber.

In a release, the Metropolitan Sewer District says disposing of fats, oils, grease and food scraps in drains can contribute to clogs in your sinks and toilets. It suggests two environmentally safe ways to dispose of oil from making bacon or deep frying your turkey.

If you fry it up in a fryer

Recycling centers in Louisville and Jefferson County accept used household cooking oil, and it's free. First let the oil cool, strain it and poor the oil into a container with a lid. Then take it to the nearest recycling center and hand it to a staff member. The recycled oil is used in biodiesel fuel.

If you fry it up in a pan

Fat and grease leftover from pan-frying can be disposed of in a trash can, if it's handled properly. MSD says pour the grease into a container that has a lid, let it cool, and place it in the trash.

Pouring grease and oil into the kitchen sink and into the garbage disposal can create clogs even if you use a grease-cutting detergent. That is not enough to break down the "gunk" in your plumbing or the sewer system, and that could lead to costly backups and repairs.

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