Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron (WDRB/file).

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron appeared on Fox and Friends Tuesday morning to respond to Ben Crump, the attorney for Breonna Taylor's family, after he called for a special prosecutor to reopen the case. 

"Well, let me just say in this case I was the special prosecutor," Cameron said.  "This is the Ben Crump model: he goes into a city, creates a narrative, cherry picks facts to prove that narrative, creates chaos in a community, misrepresents the facts, then leaves with his money and asks the community to pick up the pieces."

Ben Crump is a civil rights attorney in several high profile cases across the country, including the Breonna Taylor case.

During his interview, Cameron criticized Crump for spreading what he called falsehoods about the case. 

"It is terribly irresponsible on his part to push such narratives and falsehoods. As the AG I don’t have the luxury of falsehoods. I have the responsibility to the truth, the law, and justice."

Hen went on to say: "Ben Crump can make wild accusations and ask for ridiculous things, but at the end of the day we have dispense with our responsibility and duty to present the information to the grand jury. We did that in a manner consistent with what the facts and the law are. That’s my responsibility as the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Kentucky."

Cameron said he has a responsibility to present the case to grand jury without bias.

The grand jury recommended in September that just one of three LMPD officers involved in the raid on Taylor's apartment in March be charged for firing into a neighboring apartment.

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