Bill Abbott and Carl Lamb mugshots

Former Seymour Police Chief Bill Abbott and Captain Carl Lamb. (Source: Jackson County Detention Center)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Two public officials in Seymour, Indiana, are facing serious misconduct charges.

According to a news release by the Indiana State Police Department, former Seymour Police Chief Bill Abbott and former Capt. Carl Lamb have been arrested on charges of misconduct, ghost employment and theft.

A 37-page probable cause affidavit obtained by WDRB News says the two men were both working side jobs while also on duty with Seymour Police.

The arrests were the result of an investigation that began last October. ISP said detectives determined that Abbott would schedule off-duty officers to work at a medical center while they were still logging on-the-clock hours for the Seymour Police Department.

Since 2016, he worked 264 hours for the hospital in addition to his pay with the police department. 

Abbott said he “didn’t believe Lamb’s actions constituted a criminal offense” but also admitted he “conducted work associated with his off-duty employment while also actively on duty in his official capacity with the Seymour Police Department.” 

Lamb is accused of working for a security firm and for his own training company while he was still on the job with the police department. He worked for two companies — Bsafe and K4 Security — which provides security detail at the Interstate 65 construction project.

According to the document, “Lamb would use the department’s emergency notification program to send officers text messages about the detail.”

Hundreds of files, photos and texts obtained by investigators show he was scheduling shifts and doing business with the companies while on the clock with Seymour Police, something that is against department policy. 

Investigators said there was never an investigation by Seymour Police into complaints of Lamb doing double duty. 

Both Abbott and Lamb were taken to the Jackson County Detention Center and placed on administrative leave.

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