LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Flying a drone could help prepare students for their futures at one Jefferson County Public School.

Monday afternoon, a demonstration was held at Newburg Middle School by Drone Racing for Education.

"Bringing this experience will allow us to have another related arts class for our math, science, technology kids, and it also gives them another aspect of technology, what other jobs and what other professions are out there and available for them to do," Dr. Shamika Johnson, Newburg Middle School principal, said.

The school hopes to become the first middle school in the state to offer a drone course to math, science and technology students.

"So by building this into our instructional program, it allows us to touch more students and give more opportunity to students who normally probably don't get to have exposure to these types of things," Johnson said. 

They also hope to be the first in the state with a drone racing team.

"We need more advanced pilots who understand flight characteristics beyond GPS and automation," Brandon Turk, co-founder of Rocket Drones, said. "So we show the kids that every aspect of technology that's in a drone touches them in their real world life as well."

Turk added that "Kentucky will probably lead the way in drone racing."

During Monday's demonstration, students were able to fly the drones in the school's gym.

"It was fun, it was pretty easy to control. I have flown a drone before," sixth grader Ethan Miller said.

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