Raw sewage continues to spill into a Bullitt County waterway
HUNTERS HOLLOW, Ky. (WDRB) -- Fears for public health and safety mount as raw sewage continues to spill into a Bullitt County waterway with no end in sight.  

Community leaders are trying to come up with a solution after a sewage treatment plant exploded over the weekend.

Nearly 1,000 people are impacted, and are being told to limit their waste water.

"It scared me when it went boom, I thought a car was out here with mufflers off that's how loud it was," said Hunters Hollow resident Steve Booth.

Booth heard it, and then he smelled it.

"Come out here you'll smell it. It smells like rotten eggs," said Booth.

The sewage treatment plant across the street from his house exploded and caught fire Saturday night. It's still leaking into creeks and ditches around Hunters Hollow.

"It is somewhat diluted but it's still raw sewage there is a potential public health problem," said Bullitt County Sanitation District manager Jerry Kennedy.

Community leaders are waiting on Bullitt Utility, the private owners of the plant to make a decision.

"It's going to be a two-prong attack, we have to do a short-term fix to stop the immediate waste water flow down the creek and what we're going to do long term," said Kennedy.

A couple ideas include bringing in a portable waste water plant or diverting some of the waste to the county sanitation system. But people are getting impatient.

"These things get 40-50 years old they don't maintain them, I have lived here for over two years and I've only seen about three people over here," said Hunters Hollow resident William Bishop.

"What their maintenance program is I don't know, but I don't think this is something anybody could have foreseen happening," said Kennedy.

Neighbors say at this point, they just need to fix the problem before it gets worse. It will still take at least one week to put a plan into action.

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