LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB NEWS) -- A compassionate passer-by and a Facebook live video are credited with reuniting a boy with special needs with his family.

Christina Johnson was driving down Rockford Lane Wednesday afternoon when she spotted the child in the street and pulled over. She recognized him as a non-verbal special needs student at a JCPS school she used to teach at.

Johnson figured a live video was the fastest way to determine if anyone knew him or how to find his parents. In less than 20 minutes, hundreds of people tuned in, and the community found the boy's family.

"There's so much sad news going on and people are thirsty for something good ... for a happy ending," Johnson said. "Finally, finally we get a ray of sunshine and that's returning the boy back safely to his parents."

In the Facebook video, the boy's parents said he must have wandered off when one of them went outside to visit a neighboring family member. They seemed very relieved to have him back home.

Johnson said numerous cars passed the child in the middle of street, but she pulled over because she's a teacher, a mother and a friend, and it was just the right thing to do.

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