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LOUISVILLLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Nearly 100 schools and organizations in Indiana will split $57 million to help better prepare students for their careers.

The grants are divided up by the state and paid for with federal COVID-19 relief dollars, according to a FOX59 report.

Holly Lawson, with the Indiana Department of Education, said the goal is to help more students choose a career path early. That way they can start earning college credit or another credential while still in high school.

"That one saves them money along the way and saves them a lot of time," Lawson said. "And again, they're more likely to ultimately earn that credential. And then, you know, see the success that brings throughout their lives."

The grants will also help students with internships. Ivy Tech in southern Indiana is one of the schools getting funding. It's getting $1.1 million to launch a new career-focused program in 12 local school districts. 

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