LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- There have been 43 homicides in Louisville, just 81 days into 2021. Four of those homicides happened in about 24 hours over the weekend. 

The first homicide happened at the Thornton's gas station at 1st and Broadway around 9:30 p.m. Saturday, where officers with the Louisville Metro Police Department found a man who had been shot. He died at the hospital.

Early Sunday morning, police responded to 26th Street and Elliot Avenue where they found a man dead inside a car. Investigators have said they suspect foul play in his death. 

Police were later called to another shooting around 12:30 p.m. Sunday at 26th and Cedar streets. That's where police said they found a man who had been shot to death, and a woman who had also been shot. She was taken a local hospital. At last check, she was stable, according to police. 

The violence continued late Sunday, when a victim believed to be in his late teens or early 20s was shot and killed on Montana Avenue, near the U of L campus. 

Less than three months into 2021, there have already been more than 180 shootings in Louisville. More than 40 of those have been fatal. 

"We're on a track either by the end of April, or before, to most likely and unfortunately go to 50 homicides, which is unheard of ... Never been in this space before either," Christopher 2X said. 

A community activist, 2X has been following the alarming numbers closely. He said last year around this time there had been 19 homicides and 63 non-fatal shootings. This year's numbers more than double those.

"Give or take they are 100% numbers as far as the jump, and that's concerning," 2X said. "People are getting hit daily by gunfire, and we look at the fatals ... Every other day somebody's getting killed." 

If the trend continues, 2021 could be on track to beat 2020's record of 173 homicides and more than 580 non-fatal shootings.

"Why are we in this space right now in 80 days of 2021? Totally something that's just off the charts," 2X said. "It's hard to pinpoint when you don't have the conversations with the people that are engaged in these issues, the why question. Why are we at these numbers right now?" 

2X says to fight gun violence, there needs to be early childhood intervention.

"If there's not intervention at the preschool level, and to at least up until the middle school level, then we are kidding ourselves. We're not going to turn this thing around in the high school years anymore," he said. 

WDRB News reached out to LMPD Sunday asking to get a one-on-one interview with Chief Erika Shields to ask about her plans to combat the growing amount of violence in the city. We did not immediately hear back. 

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