Edelen Announcement - 1-7-19

WDRB FILE - Kentucky's former state auditor, Adam Edelen, declared his candidacy for governor in January 2019. 

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Former Kentucky auditor Adam Edelen wants Kentucky Education Commissioner Dr. Wayne Lewis to turn over documentation to prove he was sick or caring for a family member on days that he called out from work. 

Edelen, a Democrat who is running for Governor, announced he was filing an open records request after Lewis said he wants to see the same documents Lewis asked for from teachers who called in sick to protest proposed legislation in Frankfort. 

Edelen's campaign said it has submitted two open records requests to the Commonwealth of Kentucky Department of Education and The University of Kentucky to ensure that Lewis has met the same standards of documentation that he is demanding of others, according to a news release. 

"You have to stand up to bullies," Edelen said in the release. "If we take Dr. Lewis at his word that all this is trying to do is collect information, then surely he has no issue providing that same information to the taxpayers. But he’s not, he’s trying to intimidate state workers and carrying water for a Governor dead-set on doing everything he can to make teachers pay a price for standing up for themselves."

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The request asks for "any and all affidavits or certificates of a reputable physician stating that Wayne D Lewis was ill or caring for an ill family member on the day(s) that Wayne D Lewis called in sick."

On Friday, Lewis told reporters  at a news conference in Frankfort that "something has to be done" when instructional days are lost, and said there is no constitutional right to call out sick and close schools. 

The news conference was called a day after Lewis asked Jefferson County Public Schools and other districts to provide listings of every teacher who called out sick on days when enough educators took absences to trigger "sick outs."

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