LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Police records and audio recordings released months after the Louisville Metro Police Department launched an investigation into a major in charge of the officers involved in the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor on March 13, detail what happened that led to her demotion.

Kim Burbrink, who was commander of LMPD's Criminal Interdiction Division, was demoted from major to lieutenant and reassigned to the Special Operations division in February for failing to "follow a direct order" to stay out of the investigation of her unit and not to question investigators, Chief Erika Shields wrote in a memorandum on Jan. 19, her first day on the job.

A copy of an LMPD Professional Standards Unit report and audio recordings obtained by WDRB News on Friday provide more details about what led up to Burbrink's demotion.

"I told her any ... do not request any information on any open investigations involving, um, Criminal Interdiction Division," McClinton, who ordered Burbrink not to ask questions regarding any case in the Criminal Interdiction Division, can be heard saying in one of the recordings. 

The records also show Burbrink texted Maj. Micah Scheu two days later to see if he was "ever interviewed by the PIU regarding Springfield." Springfield is where Breonna Taylor's apartment was located. 

Scheu then called Burbrink, and would later say he felt "uncomfortable" during their conversation. 

"When I first saw the text message it was, you know, I was a little bit alarmed by it. And then, uh, just the conversation itself was a little bit uncomfortable," Scheu said. 

Burbrink said the PIU (Public Integrity Unit) file had already been released publicly and she was just trying to find out if he'd been interviewed to see if she could find it in the records online. She said it was in an attempt to see what went wrong and improve.

"I would never knowingly or intentionally violate a direct order," she said. "I was just trying to do what I thought a good commander would do, and that's to go through the information that's available to me. This has been a very difficult six months. I'm just trying to make my unit better. I'm sorry."

Earlier this week, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer updated the city's policy on releasing internal investigations once they're completed, which is now state law.

You can read the full PSU report in the PDF below, which includes transcripts of the audio recordings mentioned in this story. 

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