LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — Taking a Sunday stroll through the news while trying to be a better listener and reader.

1. The Future of Louisville Basketball

In the aftermath of the NCAA decision on Friday to penalize the Oklahoma State men’s basketball program with three years of probation, one year out of the NCAA Tournament, scholarship reductions and other hits, the natural reaction locally was often this:

What does this mean for the University of Louisville, which recently received a notice of allegations about NCAA rules the program allegedly broke while already on probation?

My sidekick, Eric Crawford and I, wrote about this Friday. While I can’t say it is a good sign, I also think it’s premature to determine that the Oklahoma State ruling means that Louisville will absolutely be hit hard, too. With NCAA penalties, you never know. It's why everybody loves the NCAA, right?

Mine is not a majority opinion. Three respected national college basketball writers do not agree.

First, Dana O'Neil of The Athletic.

Then, Pat Forde from Sports Illustrated:

Finally, Pete Thamel of Yahoo Sports:

Stay tuned.

2. Bill Russell Speaks

A Hall of Famer who dominated college basketball at the University of San Francisco and the NBA with the Boston Celtics, Russell has always been an outspoken and socially conscious athlete — even when it was not encouraged in the Sixties.

Didn’t matter. Russell spoke his mind. He discussed topics like “white cultural bias,” and racism in the autobiography, “Second Wind,” that Russell wrote with Taylor Branch, the noted civil rights historian, 40 years ago.

Russell is 86. He said his wife took him to a protests about racial inequality and police brutality this week. 

His reaction, on Twitter, is deserving of a share.

3. Kash Daniel Speaks

Former Kentucky linebacker Kash Daniel had already apologized once (after the Belk Bowl) for his unfortunate ankle-twisting encounter with Florida quarterback, Kyle Trask, last season.

Daniel was compelled to apologize again — and did it during a podcast that he taped with the “Saturday Down South,” website.

Daniel said that he understood the need to apologize after he watched a game replay and saw a reaction to the play by Trask’s mother.

Good for Daniel

4. Marques Maybin Speaks

Marques Maybin is one of my favorite local athletes and radio hosts. His joy for life is infectious. His curiosity for life is inspiring. 

And his wit is delightful.

5. Sunday Feel Good Story

This did not happen in Louisville. It happened in Buffalo, N.Y. 

But the story about Antonio Gwynn Jr., who was rewarded with a car, insurance and a college scholarship for the work that he invested in cleaning his hometown is worth reading in any city.

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